A community site

TripnBike is mainly aimed at a community of bikers, mostly Harley Davidson, Indian, Victory, Goldwing, etc. owners. It makes it easy for them to find

  • - hotels with garage or closed parking
  • - hostels and guestrooms with garage or closed property
  • - nearby restaurants with parking
  • - campsites that allow parking inside them

A biker's main concern when travelling is to find accommodation for him but also for his bike, with a garage or car park that's closed at night.

Created in July 2018, TripnBike has become a community of more than 24000 * members, including professionals and customers, and more than 21000* followers on Facebook who want to discover the new establishments that join the community (* figures from October 15, 2021)

TripnBike isn't a booking portal, but a search and selection tool that enables you to establish relationships directly between professionals and bikers.
TripnBike is reserved exclusively to the affiliated establishments and to all bikers.
It's an initiative of bikers that offers an alternative to online booking portals, since we only include establishments that respond to bikers' requirements.

For bikers

TripnBike.com is free for all users
It's funded through each professional's annual membership fees, which are kept deliberately low. They can range from €100 to €210, depending on the size of the establishment.

We don't aim to compete with the major online agencies, but your listing will enable you to gain better visibility on the internet to attract new customers.

For the Professionals

How to join TripnBike if you're a professional
The TripnBike site has been created and enhanced taking into account the ergonomics and design as well as the optimisation for the promotion of your establishment.
- No type of commission will be charged to professionals for supplementary bookings.
- With the aim of gaining loyalty, the professional member agrees to propose certain privileges for TripnBike members (discount on the room or free breakfast, a rise in category, complimentary drink, the best guaranteed prices, etc.) for customers who have made their booking through TripnBike.

If you'd like more information or for us to contact you, visit www.tripnbike.com and look for the section "register your establishment" at the bottom of the home page.

Any questions? Contact us.

You can send us an email to the address hello@tripnbike.com. hello@tripnbike.com.